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1. What are the names of the services of the Time-Sync Client or the Time-Sync Server?
The client-service is called "Time-Sync Client". The service for the server is called "Time-Sync Server".

2. Which protocol is used to transmit the time from the time server?
The client and the server both use the SNT protocol (Simple Network Time Protocol - RFC 5905) and the Time protocol (RFC 868).

3. Can I install the Time-Sync Server and the Time-Sync Client on one computer at the same time?
No, this is not necessary because the server-version already includes the client-version’s functions.

4. I noticed that Time-Sync disables the „Windows Time Service“?
The "Windows Time Service" service will be disabled automatically by the installation of Time-Sync. It is recommended that only one service performs the task of time synchronization. Otherwise, conflicts may occur.

5. Do I need to configure my firewall in a specific way?
Time-Sync assumes that outgoing request are permitted by the firewall. The following incoming ports are required for Time-Sync Server: Port 123/UDP (SNTP), Port 37/TCP (Time) and Port 37/UDP (Time). Additionally, the port 53100/TCP on is required for communication between the frontend and service.

6. Is it possible to use Time-Sync in a LAN without having an internet connection?
This is absolutely possible. Just install Time-Sync as a server version on one PC and on the other PC's install the client version. Enter on all Time-Sync clients the IP address or hostname of the computer where you installed Time-Sync Server.

7. Time-Sync does not synchronize time from a time server on the Internet?
There may be several reasons for this. It is possible that your firewall does not allow outgoing requests on port 123/UDP (SNTP), port 37/TCP (Time) or port 37/UDP (Time). It is also possible that an antivirus software blocks the functions of Time-Sync.

8. Is there a way to install Time-Sync without using the graphical setup?
The setup for Time-Sync has a so called "Command Line Setup". Further information can be found in the help of Time-Sync.

You can get more information in the Time-Sync help. For further questions please contact us.