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Licenses of the Nullsoft-Plugins

The Nullsoft-Plugins "NSIS Simple Service Plugin" and "NSIS Simple Firewall Plugin" are provided under the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1. You may obtain a copy of the license at

Alternatively the GNU Lesser General Public License can be used. You may obtain a copy of the LGPL at

License of "Time-Sync"

The software product "Time-Sync" is provided under the following license:

License terms and conditions

1. Availability / rights of use

Mr. Rainer Döpke (Licensor) will provide the "Time-Sync" software program, which he has produced, for use at these terms and conditions. The contents and capabilities of this program are described at the relevant places.

This software program mentioned will remain the property of the Licensor, and is protected for him under the law of copyright. Processing of the program in any way whatsoever by the user (Licensee) or by third parties is prohibited. The Licensee must not in any way change markings, copyright notes, or the Licensor's details of ownership of this program.

The Licensee will be able to use the software free of charge as so-called freeware exclusively for its personal and commercial use. There shall be no claim to the handover of documentation or of the source code for this program. The Licensee may issue sub-licenses for the provision, use, and distribution of this program in its private and / or commercial sphere, but it must not demand any payment for this. The Licensee must not make this program available to third parties on media that can be accessed in return for a payment (e.g. the Internet), unless it has obtained the prior written consent of the Licensor.

2. Liability / warranty

The Licensor gives an assurance that this software program has been produced free of viruses. He furthermore gives an assurance that this program is not encumbered with the protective rights of third parties.

The Licensor gives no guarantee that this program will be able to work on the hardware, and together with the other software, belonging to the Licensee. The program descriptions do not represent assurances of characteristics.

As this program is freeware, its downloading and use will be undertaken at the risk of the Licensee. Otherwise, the Licensor shall only be liable for the assurances of characteristics and intent.

The Licensor accepts no liability for this program if it is made available on web pages of third parties, cover CDs or other media such as, for example, through a link or direct download.

If the Licensee grants rights of use in this program to third parties as sub-licensees, it must agree with them the validity of paragraphs 1 and 2 of these terms and conditions.

3. Validity of these terms and conditions

Continuing with the installation will be deemed to be recognition of their validity. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.