Ok... what should I say! I'm 44 years young and I like gaming besides software development.

In addition to these activities I'm working on various private projects which are developed by myself. Professionally, I was trained to an IT specialist in system integration. In my training time I started the development of software which I do until now. During and after the training time I developed on an ERP system.

Meanwhile, I'm an employee of a house for industrial automation. I work in a team on the production management system PromasCS. The most time I'm working with VB.NET, Delphi and a little bit C++.

Another passion is developing and designing dynamic web sites. By making web sites I also know script-languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript aso.

Additionally I like using Linux. Since SuSE 5.2 I'm dealing the most time with systems such as LAMP servers, firewalls, file servers and especially Nextcloud in combination with Raspberry PI.

Rainer Döpke